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Rembrandt R. Capistrano

Last Updated: 2019 January 28

Friendly greetings,

I am a driven self starter who thoroughly enjoys front and back-end web development and design, as well as all things computers. My interest in programming andcomputers was fully realized during high school, where I majored in Network Support Services from 2008 to 2012 at William T. McFatter Technical High School in Davie, FL. It was during that time that I honed my skills in troubleshooting, PC building and repair, network set up and maintenance, as well as obtained my CompTIA A+ certification. Having obtained an invaluable skill set and certification, I proceeded to freelance and provide techincial support for small and home businesses.

Following high school, I majored in Computer Science with a concentration in web development and design at Nova Southeastern University. The majority of my University coursework consisted of database construction, database management, and theoretical programming concepts. The curriculum at NSU allowed me to better understand and utilize different front-end frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Zurb's Foundation, as well as back-end database management using Oracle Database. I've also established a number of different web projects utilizing of XAMPP stack and its Linux / Windows counterparts. Upon graduating in August 2018 with a BS in Computer Science, I decided to start my own business, Perdix Industries, in which I provide full stack development services for home and small businesses.

Perdix Industries was founded on the simple fact that the establishment of a well developed online presence significantly improves company branding, customer relationships, and serves as a powerful marketing tool. Whether you're a prospective or long-time client, you can rest assured that I will work earnestly to help realize your short and long term business goals, and provide you with the knowledge and expertise you deserve.

- Rembrandt R. Capistrano

Why Perdix?

When I was freelancing in high school, I operated under the ficticious business name: Daedalus Industries. In Greek mythology, Dadaelus is the infamous craftsman who constructed King Myno's Labyrinth that imprisons a beastly minotaur, and Icarus' infamous wings that allowed him to fly close to the sun. Perdix was the nephew of Daedalus, and rumored to be more innovative, resourceful, and knowledgable, and so the name Perdix Industries was borne, a Daedalus Industries 2.0 if you will.


Delivering modern, responsive sites that are not only user friendly, but representative of your business and its values.

Google Analytics

We use the most widely used web analytics service and embed it within your site. Google Analytics tracks and reports your website traffic for your review.


Content is like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Bruce Lee quote aside, whether you're on your phone, desktop, or tablet, rest assured that your site will maintain consistent content, design, and performance across all devices.


Search Engine Optimization is the process in which a website establishes an online presence through organic, natural, or non-paid results on search engines. Why does this matter? If implemented correctly, SEO increases website visibility accross all major search engines which in turn leads to an increase in your websites traffic and web presence.

Full Stack Development

We provide full stack development services and offer unlimited bandwidth and storage on a secure web server. From single page hosting, to e-commerce, database management and content management systems (CMS), we pride ourselves in doing it all.


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